Fabric and Style Choices. . . Which Ones would be right for you and your riding discipline?


Q. What is the difference between Racing Tights and Trekkers?

A. The fabric of the tights shell. Racing Tights use a more substantial and durable 4-way stretch fabric that is resistant to tears and snags. Cotton is also available in the Racing Tights to accommodate those allergic or sensitive to synthetics.. Trekkers use a 4-way stretch Nylon/Lycra that is lighter in weight (for summer or to wear under jeans or other breeches) and comes in more color choices. They both have our padded seat and knees that wick away moisture to prevent chaffing and add cushion.

Q. What is the difference between the Racing Tights and the Ultimate Full Seat Tights?

A. They use the same durable 4-way stretch fabric, but the Racing Tights have a padded seat (inside the garment) that covers the seat area in back,crotch and front areas. The knee pads protect the inside of the knee area on the inside of the garment. The Ultimate Full Seat has a small crotch pad on the inside for a no panty-line look and Clarino (suede) covering the seat through the knee area on the outside of the garment.

Q. What is the difference between the Ultimate Full Seat and the Ultimate Knee Patch?

A. The coverage of the Clarino (suede) on the outside. The Knee patch covers just above the knee to several inches below the knee and has more stretch through the seat area. The Full Seat covers the seat, thigh and on through the knee. So your decision here is how much stick you need.

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